Tech21 SansAmp GT2


All-analog Tube Amplifier Emulation Pedal with 3 x 3-way Voicing Switches, 2-band Shelving Equalizer, and Independent Gain and Drive Controls

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 Analog Guitar/Bass Amplifier Emulation Pedal Features:

– All-purpose, all-analog tube-amp emulator for guitar, bass, and other instruments
– Equipped with 3 x 3-way voicing switches, 2 shelving EQ bands, and independent gain and drive controls for an incredible range of tone
– Amp switch lets you choose from American Tweed, a classic British, or modern Californian amp sounds
– Mod switch lets you select either the default amp setting, a gain boost equivalent to adding an extra 12AX7 to the preamp, or a high-gain tone with scooped midrange
– Mic switch gives you the option of either on-axis focused sound, off-axis sound with a mellower edge, or a balanced sound reminiscent of a distant mic-placement (without artificial room ambiance)
– Independent gain and drive controls let you hit the preamp emulation as hard as you like and push the power amp emulation separately for a wide range of clean and overdriven tones
– High- and low-frequency shelving equalizer bands give you additional general tone-shaping options
– All-metal construction and quality analog components hold up to heavy use

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