PRS Custom 22 Trans Red


This is one sweet guitar! We’ve taken it in on consignment from one of our local guitar heroes, and we think it’s killer!

2002 Model, Locking Tuners, Moon Inlays

Wide/Fat Neck

PRS Trem

Dragon Pickups-the original black pickup rings have been swapped for cream colored rings, we have the originals in the case.

This one has a 3 way toggle, and a coil split on the tone knob. We think it probably had a 5 way rotary switch that was replaced with the 3 way toggle.

One of the pots has been replaced, we have the original in the case. It was replaced with the correct pot, ordered from PRS.

This is a gorgeous instrument. It’s been played, but not abused. That being said, it’s got some buckle marks on the back, some small scratches here and there due to honest playwear, and a tiny chip at the edge of the headstock. Nothing major, nothing thru the finish, except for the tiny chip on the Headstock.  If you are looking for a case queen, this isn’t it. It’s a fantastic player, and sounds amazing!

It’s in great shape, has had a pro setup, and is ready to go!

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