Blackstar ID Core 40 Head


Amazing tone and features delivered in Super-Wide stereo.

The ID:Core 40W head from Blackstar features the company’s amazing Super-Wide Stereo sound delivery in a versatile power you can use with your favorite cabs. It comes with six voicings (clean warm to OD 2), Blackstar’s patented Infinite Shape Feature to dial in your midrange anywhere from U.S. to U.K., 12 digital FX, USB connectivity and much more.

And, despite sounding great at any volume, it features an aux. input and emulated line out for silent practice while you jam along to your favorite tunes.

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  • Power: 40W (2x20W stereo; solid state)
  • Single input
  • Six voices
  • 12 built-in effects
  • ISF control
  • Store up to six patches
  • USB connectivity
  • Full Blackstar Insider compatibility
  • Aux. input
  • Emulated line out